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Device Name and HostName in CampusManager

I'm using an eval version of LMS 2.5 with SP 2 deploy over it.

I´ve trying to populate Device database but I can´t find that device names or host names been showed on device detail report.

In further research of problem, I found an SQL Query that run when I start device discovery process, I think that this Query has a wrong syntax, because it only put IP Address in fields of host name and device name. This query can be read on discovery.log

Because of this I made a custom SQL query (UPDATE "cwsiSA"."EmbuDeviceUnit" set deviceName='SW_Petrxxxx' where ipAddress ='1x.1x.1x.2x') and open a Sybase Anywhere Client and run against EmbuDeviceUnit table into aniDb Database, and device report list got both host name and device name, but when the Device Discovery schedule process ran I lost devices name again.

I think this is a bug on Campus Manager, isn't it?


Re: Device Name and HostName in CampusManager

If your LMS 2.5 is running on Windows 2003, then this could be bug id CSCsa78413:

Hostname resolution does not work on Windows 2003

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Re: Device Name and HostName in CampusManager

No my LMS is running over a Windows 2000 with SP4 and I apply SP2 to all LMS bundle, but I'm receiving the same behavior

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