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device package error for switch Cat2960


We are installing device package for switch Cat2960. But we get below error message when trying to install the same.

WARNING :  Cat2960(6.1):Consistency check failed for base package SharedDcmaIOS

When trying to updgrade the SharedDcmaIOS to higher version we get the below error message.

SharedDcmaIOS, SharedNetshowIOS, SharedSwimIOS

WARNING :  SharedSwimIOS(2.5.1):Consistency check failed for base package LibSwim

WARNING :  SharedNetshowIOS(2.2.1):Major versions are incompatible for base package [SharedNetshowIOS]. Required version = 1.0, Found  version = 2.2

Kindly guide us in resolving the above issue related to device pacakage installation.

License Info:
Bundle             Installed/Updated on
LMS2.6            18 Jun 2009

Name      Version      Size         Status        Expiration Date 
1.CM         4.0       Unlimited    Purchased      Never
2.DFM       2.0       Unlimited    Purchased      Never
3.IPM        2.6      Unlimited     Purchased      Never
4.RME       4.0      Unlimited     Purchased      Never


Re: device package error for switch Cat2960

What's the name of the device package exactly?

Try the following that solved similar issues with previous customers that ran into this problem:

1) If you have the LMS 2.5.1 upgrade install then skip this step, else
Download LMS 2.5.1 update from Cisco website:

2) Start the install by clicking on it.

Please note that you *don't* need to install it again, what you need is the extraction of the files.
After starting it you will see that it started extracting the files. 3) After that, the popup window appears saying: Welcome to CiscoWorks setup program. This program will install CiscoWorks LMS 2.5 Dec 2005 Update on you computer... Please do *NOT* click on next, just leave the process here, it will be Cancelled at that point.

4) Leave that window open and search for 'cids_pkgs' It will be located somewhere under Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp\... eg: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\pft9.tmp\cids_pkgs 5) This way you have those packages. Please copy them to a different location such as c:\cids_pkgs 6) Now Cancel the installation process. 7) Stop the daemon manager: net stop crmdmgtd 8) Replace all the packages cids by the ones we exctracted: PSUCli.bat -p rme -src -all -i -noServerRestart so in our example: PSUCli.bat -p rme -src c:\cids_pkgs -all -i -noServerRestart 9) Install the SharedSwimIOS: psucli -p rme -src c:\ SharedSwimIOS -i -noServerRestart
This should now install it properly. 10) Start the daemon manager: net start crmdmgtd
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Re: device package error for switch Cat2960


We are using LMS2.6 and you have provided solution to install / upgrade to LMS 2.5.1

We are installing the device package  Cat2960.RME43.v6-1 for switch 2960

Supporting device package we are installing are




When installing we get the error  Consistency check failed for base package.


Rakesh Prasad

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Re: device package error for switch Cat2960


Please help me on this case,


Rakesh Prasad

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