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Devices not discoverd properly


I am using LMS 3.0.1 successfully installed when doing device discovery it only discovers 147 devices instead of which should be 159.Again data collection is done only in 110. Because of this I reinstalled it. Still the same problem.

2nd is in Discovery settings I have excluded some IP ranges but some of them are still showing in the discovery status as unreachable.

Can anybody revert asap?




Re: Devices not discoverd properly

Device discovery works with the snmp. U make sure that snmp community properly configured on all devices and make sure that all devices are up at the time of discovery.

For data collection check again the VTP/IP address range filters..did u excluded any???

Some remote devices will be discovered, if u enabled the Jump Router Boundaries option..

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Re: Devices not discoverd properly

thanks aijaz

I was getting all the 159 devices when 3.0 was running but when I upgraded to 3.0.1 its only getting 147.I increased the SNMP timeout-6 retries-3.But no result.

Data collection is only successful in 110 devices out of the 147 in DCR.

The devices I am getting as unreachable in discovery are only the Wireless Access Points which I already excluded in filter settings.

Pls revert asap.


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Re: Devices not discoverd properly

Hi Sachi,

I thinks you are not getting the filter list correctly.

if the subnet you want to filter is to then you should filter like




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Re: Devices not discoverd properly

thanks Sathappan

u rihgt but i have done the same way.But still I am getting the devices from the same subnet which shows unreachable.

And what abt the others like the data collection is not done for all devices(110 out of 147) in DCR.Even after increasing the snmp timeout & retries.

Also I am missing 12 devices in the discovery I am getting only 147 which should be 159.



Re: Devices not discoverd properly

Do you use cluster configuration for your switches?

If yes only the cluster master speaks with data collection! All cluster members are not shown in data collection.

Do you use discovery filters?

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