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Devices with multiple IP address.

How does CW deal with devices with multiple IP addresses?

Do I need to create different hostname/displayname for every IP or is there a way to tell CW that this IP belongs to this particular device?

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Re: Devices with multiple IP address.

It all depends on how you want to manage these devices, and how you are adding them to DCR. Cisco generally recommends one create a loopback interface on all multi-interface devices, and use that address for management. You can then enable Loopback resolution in Campus Manager Discovery, and Campus will find the lowest UP loopback, and use that for management. So in that case, you only need a DNS record for that loopback.

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Re: Devices with multiple IP address.

Here is what I do.

If the device is a Layer 3 device (A.K.A. a router) I always add a loopback address. I add the device to the DCR by the loobback. I also add the following config to force the L3 device to use the loopback for most of the management traffic

ip flow-export source Loopback0

ip tacacs source-interface Loopback0

logging source-interface Loopback0

snmp-server trap-source Loopback0

If the device is a Layer 2 device (A.K.A a switch that does no routing) it usually only has one L3 interface for management. In this case I use the single L3 interface for management and add the commands listed above changing Loobback0 to whatever the L3 VLAN is.

I then have a forward and reverse DNS entry for the management address and only reverse DNS entries for any remaining L3 interfaces. Having the reverse DNS for all the interfaces makes traceroutes easy to read.

I manage about 10,000 Cisco devices this way and it works great.

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Re: Devices with multiple IP address.

Additionally, if your IOS supports it, you can use the cdp source-interface command so that all CDP advertisements from the device use the same local IP address.

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