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DFM 2.0.10 does not show switches - SNMP-EWRONGTYPE errors in DFM.log


I already have posted this question some time ago but the only answer I have received led in the wrong direction. I allow myself to repost it even though I know that this might displease some forum members. Let me know your thoughts even if it's just a "do not even intend to do that anymore"..

The first problem I have is that a high number of devices does not show up in DFM (customer tells me that it is the switches that do not show up, routers seem to be ok) in DFM. The devices are present in Common Services but due to whatever reason the are not available in DFM.

Furthermore in DFM.log I get the following message for a high number of devices:

[31-Jan-2008 16:24:07+770ms] t@17840 DEVSTAT-SNMP-Poller polling #7

SNMP-W-EINVALIDMESSAGE-Received invalid message from SNMP agent,

port 161

SNMP-EGETRESPONSE-In response to Get(.

SNMP-EWRONGTYPE-Wrong type (GAUGE-32) instead of required type (64-bit

unsigned integer)

SNMP-EAGENTBUG-Agent violates protocol; ignoring response

I first interpreted the message as mismatch of the SNMP versions of DFM and the device, however the device does not show any errors with "show snmp" which can mean that I misiterpret the error message in DFM.log or the counter in the device is in error:

myhost>sh snmp

Chassis: xxxx

Contact: xxx

Location: xxx

4804631 SNMP packets input

0 Bad SNMP version errors

0 Unknown community name

0 Illegal operation for community name supplied

0 Encoding errors

45737335 Number of requested variables

0 Number of altered variables

3538585 Get-request PDUs

1264648 Get-next PDUs

0 Set-request PDUs


I have searched for bugs related to SNMP versions in DFM 2.0.10, no success so far. I am unsure if the problem with the devices that do not show up and the errors in the logs are related or not at this moment; however I mention both in case they coincide.

Has somebody any information or an idea where I could continue my troubleshooting?

Thanks for any hint.


Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 2.0.10 does not show switches - SNMP-EWRONGTYPE errors i

This is known bug CSCsm31861. A fix is expected in DFM 2.0.11.

Community Member

Re: DFM 2.0.10 does not show switches - SNMP-EWRONGTYPE errors i

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply, didn't find that one even if it was easy after knowing that the bug exists. Do you think that the missing switches in DFM relate to this bug or is there any other reason for this situation?



Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 2.0.10 does not show switches - SNMP-EWRONGTYPE errors i

I doubt this would cause switches not to be learned by DFM. It could, however, lead to DFM not being able to properly manage memory on the affected devices.

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