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DFM 3.1 polling and threshold


I have customised the groups in DFM and associated the threshold setting on the device, interfaces, trunks and access ports, but could not view the "access" and "interface".

pl. help.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

I don't understand. What do you mean you can't view the access and interface? View where? Post screenshots illustrating what you are seeing, and describe in detail what you expect to be seeing.

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

See, We have four customised groups,

1. customised access port

2. customised groups

3. customised interface groups

4. customised trunk groups.

when I configure thresholds for these customised groups. i can view customised groups and customised trunk groups via the "view" option but cannot view the access and the interface groups.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

What error do you get trying to view those groups?

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

error message:

The selected group has no devices. please select a group with devices.

I have configured rule as trunkport.systemname contains "4507"

and Accessport.systemname contains "4507"

and interfaces.systemname contains "4507"

i can view only trunk port information but not on access port and the interfaces groups.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

No, you can't do this. You can only include one type of rule in your groups. For example, if you modify a customizable trunk port group, your rules can only apply to trunk ports. So, you could have a ruleset:

trunkport.systemname contains "4507"

You will need to modify a customizable interface group and a customizable access port group to use the other rules.

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

Hi Joe,

my main requirement is I have 10 switches which has access port, trunk port and routed ports. What I want, instead of configuring the default threshold valu I wat to assign custimize threshold value for all type of ports in these 10 switches. like access port max-utilization will be 90%, routed port will be 60% and trunk will be 80%.

Except these 10 switches other switches of same model are there in my network which will use the default threshold settings.

Please guide me the step how to do it

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

You will need to customize one group in each of the interfaces, trunk ports, and access ports categories. You will match on the SystemName property in each group. For example:

Access port group:

AccessPort.SystemName contains "4507" OR

AccessPort.SystemName contains "3560" OR


Interfaces group:

Interface.SystemName contains "4507" OR

Interface.SystemName contains "3560" OR


Trunk port group:

TrunkPort.SystemName contains "4507" OR

TrunkPort.SystemName contains "3560" OR


Now, not all switches may have trunk ports or access ports. DFM considers trunk ports to be those layer 2 switch ports which connect to other devices which DFM manages. Access ports are all other layer 2 switch ports.

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

I have done the same thing and set the required threshold for each interface type group. If I am trying to see the devices added under each catagory by selecting the view option from Threshold management the required devices are only reflecting under trunk port group.

the switches are having access ports and l3 interfaces also. neither any device nor any port is available in those groups. I belive the ports having ip addresses should reflect under Interface group and Access ports should reflect under Acess port group.

Please help me to trouble shoot.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

Check your priorities, and make sure your customized access port and interface groups are at the top of the list. Then make sure you go to Apply Changes to apply your changes.

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

Hi joe done the same pririties the custome groups for all trunk, access and interface group. applied the setting, but still no device under interfcae & access port group.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM 3.1 polling and threshold

Then there is either a problem with your ruleset, or some kind of issue with the DFMOGSServer or PTMServer. I suggest you open a TAC service request so live troubleshooting an be done.

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