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Community Member

DFM Alert Event Type

There seems to be something wrong with DFM. When I look at the alerting page, it shows "Utilization" as the type, but when I look at the alerts they might have nothing to do with utilization. For example, there is an alert for a managed router, but it was for a duplicate address.

Is there a way to resolve this problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM Alert Event Type

The alerts generally take the type of the first event. If you had a HighUtilization event when the alert was first created, but that alert cleared, the name will remain. You can go back through Fault History to determine if this was the case.

Community Member

Re: DFM Alert Event Type

I purged all devices from DFM and resynchronized with CMS. It was the first and only alarm of this managed device.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM Alert Event Type

Then there may be a category matching problem coming from the EMC/Smarts server. You could open a TAC service request and pursue this further.

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