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DFM alerts on Multilink PPP


How could I setup my DFM to alert me when one of the two T1s in a Multilink bundle go down? Right now I only get an alert if both T1s go down (the mu interface address.) I recently had a site in which one of the T1s have been down a week and didn't realize it! Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: DFM alerts on Multilink PPP

As long as DFM is managing the individual T1 interfaces, then if one of the interface's ifOperStatus transitions to down, DFM will alert you. To make sure the interfaces are managed, go to DFM > Device Management > Device Details. Launch the Detailed Device View for the device, and check the interfaces section of the tree to make sure the managed state is true for those interfaces.

After making changes here, go to DFM > Configuration > Polling and Thresholds > Apply Changes to apply the changes to the DFM polling server.

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Re: DFM alerts on Multilink PPP

Joe, I verified the device details as suggested and both Serial interfaces managed state is "true" as well as the Mu interface. However s0/1 in that router (a 2621) is currently down/down. No alert in DFM whatsoever. Any other ideas? DFM 3.1.1

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Re: DFM alerts on Multilink PPP

What are the values of ifAdminStatus and ifOperStatus for this interface?

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Re: DFM alerts on Multilink PPP

Joe our carrier has repaired the smartjack for the downed T1 and it's now up again. But I ran the SNMPWalk as suggested:


RFC1213-MIB::ifOperStatus.1 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifOperStatus.2 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifOperStatus.3 = INTEGER: down(2)

RFC1213-MIB::ifOperStatus.4 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifOperStatus.5 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifOperStatus.8 = INTEGER: up(1)


RFC1213-MIB::ifAdminStatus.1 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifAdminStatus.2 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifAdminStatus.3 = INTEGER: down(2)

RFC1213-MIB::ifAdminStatus.4 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifAdminStatus.5 = INTEGER: up(1)

RFC1213-MIB::ifAdminStatus.8 = INTEGER: up(1)

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Re: DFM alerts on Multilink PPP

When the interface goes down again, capture this information, and associate the ifIndex values to the interfaces (e.g. using ifDescr). If the interface is going down, and DFM is managing the interface, you should see an OperationallyDown event for the device.

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