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DFM and backup interface

I am using dfm 2.0.5 and on my routers I am using fr and virtual templates and ppp encap on them. For backup I am using dialers and dialer watch trigering. DFM does not recognize dialer as backup interface. Can I make DFM to see dialer as backup interface for virtual template/access interface?


Cisco Employee

Re: DFM and backup interface

How about this:

1) Create a new Interface Group called "PPP interface"

2) Add the following Matching Criteria

Type = *PPP*

3) Increase the Priority of this new PPP interface Group to a higher

level than the default group Dial on Demand.

4) Reconfigure.

5) Verify that there are now members under the PPP Interface Group.

In addition to modifying to group and adding the rule can you make sure you have done the


1) The first thing would be to make sure the alert has been acknowledged in the Alerts and

Activities window

2) If you are still receiving the alerts you can als set the threshold value

ExceededMaximumUptime=0 ,this will disable this event (Given in on line help).

DFM->Configuration->Polling and Threshold -> Managing threshold

(for further details click on context sensitive on line help at this Managing threshold


This will only disable ExceededMaximumUptime=0 for the group it is applied to.

This can even be made finer by the creation of custom group with filters like

sysobjectid=" " which can create a group for those devices or even interfaces for

which "VI1 interfaces created automatically by IOS" and apply ExceededMaximumUptime=0 on

that group. This will disable ExceededMaximumUptime at a very fine level.

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