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DFM configuration - managing thresholds


Trying to figure out: in DFM/Configuration/Polling and Thresholds/Managing Thresholds under Device Group/DFM/System Defined Groups/Interfacce groups I do not find and possibility for defining thresholds on 10 Gig interfaces. Is 10 G not supported? or which thresholds are valid for 10 Gig interfaces?

I have just had a case with a sick fibre on a 10 Gig connection causing massive packet loss, but got no alarm in DFM, so am wondering why.

Rgds Peter

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM configuration - managing thresholds

No, 10 GB interfaces are not currently supported. This is bug CSCsq67843.

New Member

Re: DFM configuration - managing thresholds

OK - thx for quick answer.

Hmm..this bug seems to be a secret (below is what I find) for some reason :b

Do you have any idea within what timeframe 10 G will be supported in CiscoWorks - our Core and Distribution links are all 10 G, so error whatch by CW is a strong whish :)

From Bugtool:

Information contained within bug ID CSCsq67843 is only available to Cisco employees. It is our policy to make all externally-facing bugs available in Bug Toolkit so the system administrators have been automatically alerted to the problem. By choosing to save this bug, you may be notified when the decision to make this bug available to you has been made. Note: Some product enhancement requests and documentation error bugs may not be available in Bug Toolkit.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM configuration - managing thresholds

The bug is an enhancement request, so it will not be viewable on Support is currently planned for DFM 3.2 due out this summer.

Re: DFM configuration - managing thresholds

Meanwhile there is a patch available for CSCsq678430 from CCO:

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