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DFM device issues


We are using CiscoWorks LMS 2.5.

I'm having a couple of issues with getting devices into DFM.

I can see the devices in the Device Selector, and I can add them, but they don't actually get added. they keep re-appearing in the window that shows devices that aren't in DFM.

Secondly when I check in Device manager, I have pretty much all my 1350 devices in CS, but 0 under DFM. Yet in DFM itself I have 1290. How come?

I tried restarting services, doesn't make a difference. Can somebody pinpoint me to a log, where I might start to troubleshoot? Also, it's not a problem with the device type not being supported as I do have some devices of the same device type in DFM.

Thanks Anke

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM device issues

Exactly what version of DFM do you have? LMS 2.5 is relatively old, and you should consider upgrading to LMS 2.6. Post the output of the pdshow command.

New Member

Re: DFM device issues

Hello jclarke,

version of DFM is 2.0.5 - have to check with customer as I'm sure there is money involved in the update.

LMS 2.6 has been out a while too, no? Are there any further software updates in the pipeline worth waiting for?

Yesterday I clicked wildly within the device selector and actually got my devices added.

The other issue still there - in device manager I have 0 devices. Yet DFM is actively monitoring over 1000.

We are using two servers and DFM is on the slave. Also, I had issues getting rid of a couple of alarms (for deleted devices) and re-initialised the DFM databases. Is this just one of these weird CiscoWorks things?

What logs can I check to troubleshoot the population of the individual databases (from CS to Campus to RME to DFM - or is it from CS to Campus/RME/DFM)? I find it weird that all figures are different. Fair enough discovery only puts reachable devices into CS, but why is Campus different to RME and again different to DFM? And what is the best way of deleting devices out of the individual databases?

Thanks Anke

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