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Community Member

DFM Device Status

Good Morning,

Version: LMS 3.0.1 with DFM 3.0.3

Having issues with the DFM device status.

Device status = known 357

questioned = 685

I have stopped and start the DFM database, read all the troubleshooting doc's. I have removed and imported all the devices again with a csv file.

I have made sure all the credentials are correct.

DFM is still monitoring them and they are in CM and RME just fine.

Anyone have a fix for me, please?

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM Device Status

This is most likely related to a known bug in DFM. What is the reason these devices are in questioned? You can find this under DFM > Device Management > Rediscover/Delete.

Community Member

Re: DFM Device Status

They are all in the "other" category.

Hmmm, a bug huh? Any fixes in the near future?

I have download a patch last week to DFM.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM Device Status

Other, but what is the reason? Click on the device name, and the reason should show up int the right-hand pane.

Community Member

Re: DFM Device Status

Here is an example.....I have modified the time.

Device Status = Questioned

Device Type = Routers

Aliases = N/A

Containments = N/A

DFM Processing = N/A

Time Last Discovered = 17-Apr-2008 17:25:16

Import Time Stamp = 10-Apr-2008 13:40:48

*** Data Collector Status Information ***

Error Code = Others

Error Message = DataCollector request timeout(internal problem)

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM Device Status

Yes, this is a bug. You can contact the TAC to try out an experimental DFMInChargeSubscriber.class patch which may fix this.

Community Member

Re: DFM Device Status

That word "experimental" scares me.

I will monitor the bug and do a wait and see.

Thanks, I feel better now I know it is not me.

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