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DFM devices in Questioned status

I'm using LMS 2.6 and DFM 2.0.10.

Contet network devices are stuck in questioned stat, other devices are OK

sysobjid =

Item Information under Rediscover/Delete Devices shows the following:

IP Address = (Address removed)

DNS Name = (hostname removed)

Device Status = Questioned

Device Type = Content Networking

Aliases = N/A

Containments = N/A

DFM Processing = N/A

Time Last Discovered = 02-Apr-2008 07:20:39

Import Time Stamp = 02-Apr-2008 07:20:37

*** Data Collector Status Information ***

Error Code = Others

Error Message = DataCollector request timeout(internal problem)

What is wrong?

Community Member

Re: DFM devices in Questioned status

have these devices worked in DFM in the past?

Is there a firewall between DFM and these devices??

Community Member

Re: DFM devices in Questioned status

I have deleted and added det device and det status was "Learning" and then "Questioned". The status has never been "Known"

I'm not sure if there is a firewall between but the error code/message is "Others and internal problem" and not "SNMP timeout"

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM devices in Questioned status

This is most likely due to a bug, CSCsi01966. An experimental patch was just made available which may fix this problem. You will need to call the TAC to get it. Have your engineer contact me to get the patch.

Community Member

Re: DFM devices in Questioned status


I've just upgraded LMS2.6 DFM to 2.0.10. I am having problems where Hostnames are displayed as an IP and not by DNS name. I have deleted all devices and re-added through Device Selector but still no DNS names are displayed. I've checked DCR and display names are the same as Hostnames. I've had this issue before in previous upgrades but was always able to resolve by following above. Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM devices in Questioned status

DFM is the only LMS application which does not respect display name. You must make sure the IP address can be resolved to a hostname using the tool. To do that, run:


In order to get this to work, you may need to add a local hosts entry for the IP address. Once the IP is resolvable, you can remove the device from DFM then re-add it.

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