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New Member

DFM Error "OperationallyDown" for VLAN Interface

We are getting a recurring "OperationallyDown" message for a few 3524 XL switches. The interface is a VLAN interface used for management purposes only. We have some 3524 XLs that are not experiencing the problem and are running the same version of code. The switches exist at one physical location but none of the other devices at this location are having the issue. Only 3524 XLs. Any help is appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM Error "OperationallyDown" for VLAN Interface

We have seen cases where interfaces temporarily disappear from the ifTable, and this can trigger such exceptions in DFM. A sniffer trace would be useful to troubleshoot this. That would show if any ICMP packets are being dropped, or if we're getting bad or missing SNMP results from the device.

New Member

Re: DFM Error "OperationallyDown" for VLAN Interface

Sniffer trace shows ICMP is good and nothing appears out of the ordinary with SNMP traffic. Is there a specific MIB I should be checking on? There are no errors of any kind for either device in the trace. ICMP echo-requests and echo-reply are good as well as SNMP get-request and get-response, yet the problem continues.

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