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dfm -> snmp v3 authpriv?

if I am interpreting the release notes properly, dfm v302 doesn't support authpriv or noauthnopriv, just authnopriv.

any plans for supporting authpriv, since the rest of LMS now does?

In the meantime, for a fresh deployment could one have an AuthPriv group "CommunityLMS" setup on devices for CM/RME/etc, and a separate group "CommunityDFM" for DFM without Priv.

How would DCR to/from DFM keep in sync... manual edits?

Ideas? Workaround? AuthNoPriv for everything?

If it matters, DFM would be on a separate server than the rest.




There are three different flavors of SNMPv3 credentials - NoAuthNoPriv, AuthNoPriv, and AuthPriv. When a device is imported into DCR with SNMPv3 Credentials, DFM reacts to each of the SNMPv3 credentials in the following ways:

-SNMPv3AuthPriv: When a device with SNMPv3AuthPriv credentials is imported into DFM from DCR, DFM pushes the device to Unknown D vices in Inventory Group with an error message SNMPv3 is not supported.

-SNMPV3NoAuthNoPriv: When a device with SNMPv3 username is imported into DFM from DCR, DFM pushes the device into All Questioned State Devices in Inventory Group with an error message Missing SNMPv3 Authentication Password.

-SNMPV3AuthNoPriv: When a device, with SNMPv3 username and password, and its privacy password blank, is imported into DFM from DCR, DFM discovers the device successfully and the device is grouped under All Known Devices in Inventory Group.

Cisco Employee

Re: dfm -> snmp v3 authpriv?

DFM is the only app in LMS 3.0.1 that does not support authPriv. authPriv support is planned, but we do not have a timeline for that. If DFM is going to be used in the same DCR domain as other apps, then you must use authNoPriv as DCR can only keep one set of SNMPv3 credentials.

You could put DFM on a separate server which its own DCR, and use authNoPriv there and authPriv on the other server with RME, Campus, and IPM.

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