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DFM install question

I'm running LMS3.2 but never installed DFM before, I ran LMS3.2 DVD and installed DFM today but after the intall It retured with the following error.

It asked me to choose a db password and I chose a password but of course it was not the password that I chose when I install LMS3.2. I don't even remember the old db password. Please advise.

Daemon Management 3.9 starting. Log=(syslog) /var/adm/CSCOpx/log/dmgtd.log


Finished:  Wed Oct 13 15:52:55 EDT 2010


===============- Software Installation Tool Completed -==============


===================- Possible Warnings/Errors Encountered -===================

WARNING: Ensure that you have installed the recommended Solaris 10 cluster patches released

WARNING: on  Apr/17/07, in this server.

WARNING: If these cluster patches are not installed, please download and install them


WARNING: Otherwise, some features of the CiscoWorks applications will not function properly.

WARNING: Exiting installation beyond this point might result in system instability.

WARNING: Stale lock installed for pkgadd, pkg CSCOdfmdb quit in postinstall state.

ERROR: Failed to Start Database 'dfmInv' because: Could not connect to engine 'dfmInvEng' on 'dfmInvDb' in Bulk mode. Check user id and passwords

ERROR: Failed to connect to database 'dfmInv' with current password.

ERROR: Failed to update new userinfo into database.

ERROR: Failed to stop the database engine with old password: .

ERROR: Failed change password for database 'dfmInv'.

ERROR: Unable to Change password for DSN dfmInv

WARNING: Neither HP-OpenView or NetView is installed.

WARNING: To ensure that you have up-to-date device support,

WARNING: install the latest Service Pack (SP) from, at


WARNING: Please refer to the Installation and Setup Guide for details.


Re: DFM install question

Run the following to reset your password for the databases and then try to run update again.

bash-3.00# ./perl all

Format1: all
         Change all database passwords.
Format2: listdsn
         List all available data sources in the product.
Format3: dsn=odbc_datasource
         Change the database password.
Format4: dsn=odbc_datasource npwd=new_password
         Change the database password to new_password.
Format5: dsn=odbc_datasource encryption=yes
         Encrypt the database password.
Format6: dsn=odbc_datasource encryption=yes npwd=new_password
         Change the database password and encrypt the database password.

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Re: DFM install question

I changed the password as sugested and re-ran the install but no luck.  it is

still not connecting.I have attached the install logs. Please advise.

Re: DFM install question

1. Login as ROOT and stop the services.

2. Reinit the db and update the password using the steps below from CSCOpx/bin directory.

perl dsn=dfmInv dmprefix=INV npwd=cisco 
perl dsn=dfmFh dmprefix=FH npwd=cisco perl dsn=dfmEpm dmprefix=EPM npwd=cisco

3.  Run installation, verify it completed, and let us know results. If that does not work, check your permissions on the /opt/CSCOpx directory, sub-directory, and ensure its "casuser:casusers" owned.

drwxrwxr-x  32 casuser  casusers      37 Oct 18 12:01 CSCOpx

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Re: DFM install question

Permission looks right to me, please see this. I'm doing the rest you asked and will report you shortly.

drwxrwxr-x  33 casuser  casusers      43 Oct 19 08:13 CSCOpx

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