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Community Member

DFM issue

I'm experiencing the following problem.

I've introduced two Cisco Catalyst 2960G-8TC Compact Switch in my Ciscoworks LMS3.0.

The devices are always in questionned mode

when they're located in the DMZ area although that the right rules are implemented (working with other products).

Now I would like to delete this devices from the DFM, but the delete button is not usable from the interface.

So the device is always defined in the DFM. In the CS module it's possible to do the previous action.

Thanks for the help


Cisco Employee

Re: DFM issue

You can activate the Delete button in DFM by disabling auto-sync with DCR. To do this, go to DFM > Device Management > Device Import. Click on Auto Import Filters, and uncheck synchronize box.

Community Member

Re: DFM issue

It's not working very good because my devices are still present.

In fact I'm sure that the SNMPV3 configuration of the devices and firewalls are ok because with another SNMP Manager It's working.

I thing that the problem come from that bthis devices were previously defined in the DCR and DFM and I've got the problem since I've change of platform and change the definition of the Objects in the CS module.

--> Now I would like to know how to take off the incriminated devices from Ciscoworks (complettely) and then to redefined them properly.

--> For the moment each time I try to rediscover the devices in the DFM, they become directly in Questionned state.

Thanks for your help

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM issue

You can delete a device from LMS entirely by removing it from DCR (under Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management).

If the devices go into a Questioned state, and the reason is due to an internal error, this is a bug, and a class file patch is available from the TAC.

Community Member

Re: DFM issue

I don't know if the following message is an internal error.

You'll find it here attached (printscreen from the DFM).


Cisco Employee

Re: DFM issue

This is different. What fields did you fill in when you added this device to DCR?

Community Member

Re: DFM issue

Well, when I declare a new device in the Common Services I fill the following fields :

- Of course I've previously selected the device type in the Device Identity

- In the Credential I've filled the Primary Credentials --> Print screen 1 in attachment

- The snmp v3 credentials (For information the snmpwalk is working well)--> Print screen 2 in attachment

- The user defined Fields --> Print screen 3 in attachment

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