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New Member

DFM not showing linkdown linkup trap

We would like to receive linkdown, linkup, and environmental snmp events with DFM. The network consists of one "core" (6509) and 28 other closet switches (4506 and 3750) that connect to the core. The network is not high availability, but we would like to know if a power supply drops out or if an uplink goes down. We can force an environmental trap by shutting down a power supply. This works fine. When we force a shut on an uplink, we get nothing. To troubleshoot, we've turned on all traps. When we force a shut on an uplink, we'll receive the following trap: vlanTrunkPortDynamicStatusChange Trap. We can also get a trap for config: Cisco Configuration Management Trap. Here is the switch config:

snmp-server community ******* RO

snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication warmstart linkdown linkup coldstart

snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature

snmp-server host informs *******

We've also made sure of the interface command: snmp trap link-status

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM not showing linkdown linkup trap

DFM is not designed to be a trap-based fault management system. The way it determines most of its events is to poll the devices. DFM can process certain traps, while others it passes through to the alerts and activities display. Other traps are just ignored.

For linkUp/Down traps, DFM will not pass them through to AAD. Instead, it looks for repeated linkUp/Down traps to determine if a link is flapping. Assuming the interface only transitioned once, DFM will not flag a flapping event.

If DFM did detect the interface had gone down during its regular polling, however, you should have still seen an OperationallyDown event in the AAD.

For more on the traps DFM handles, see .

New Member

Re: DFM not showing linkdown linkup trap

I think I understand. For this application, we don't need it real-time. So, if we can get the link down to show up after polling that would be great. That's not happening. I'm able to get the polling to work on another network (a different instance of ciscoworks - same versions). Is there something else we're missing?

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM not showing linkdown linkup trap

Make sure the interface that you are testing is managed in DFM. You can check this under DFM > Device Management > Device Details.