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DFM Notification Process Customization (When to send email etc)


We are setting up DFM for just the "Unresponsive" events initially with email-notify being sent for both Active and Clear states.

As per the documentation DFM uses a combination of SNMP and ICMP polling to check the device availability with ICMP interval being dependent on the "Reachability" interval defined in the polling parameters.

However I have also found out that ICMP polling interval is also dependent on the "Retry" parameter ?

E.g. With Reachability set to default of 240sec, the ICMP polling will be

Retry = 1, ICMP = 220

Retry = 2, ICMP = 200,

Retry = 3, ICMP = 180,

Retry = 4, ICMP = 160

Is there a particular formula that is used to calculate ICMP Polling Interval ?

Also the Retry interval is also effecting when the Active Event notification is sent.

E.g. Assuming the first Echo Request packet doesn't get a response then if

Retry = 1, 3 ICMP Packets are sent before the notification is sent

Retry = 2, 5 ICMP packets

Retry = 3, 7 ICMP packets

Retry = 4, 9 ICMP packets

All these ICMP retry packets are being sent with an approx. interval of 9-10 sec.

How can I customize the interval for these ICMP retry packets ?

Is it possible to control, when the Email Notification is sent after all the ICMP Retry packets result in failure?

E.g. Is this scenario possible ?

ICMP Polling Interval = 180Sec

1. Device is determined to be down

2. DFM waits for X amount of seconds

3. DFM tries ICMP polling again and if fails again then Sends the notification ?

Can this parameter help ?



# How long, in seconds, an event must remain active before the

# adapter sends a notification.


eventSmoothingInterval = 0


This is from the NMSROOT\objects\smarts\conf\notifier\mail-notify.conf





Re: DFM Notification Process Customization (When to send email e

When an element in the Up state fails to respond to an ICMP poll, DFM moves it to the Notification Pending state until DFM can determine whether it is up or down. DFM calculates ICMP polling intervals as an offset of the reachability setting's polling interval for a system. For more information please click following URL:

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