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DFM OperationallyDown - Bulk UnManage Interfaces

We turned on DFM on a group of devices and were pretty pleased with the information we got back. We got 3 legitimate errors that we were able to look into and resolve that we didn't know about. However along with these, I am getting a ton of Interface OperationallyDown alerts, when I look into these more, I don't think I want to see these anymore, I have other tools that notify me about devices going down. So I went in and found the Bulk Management help information, ran it and it seems to have turned all of my interfaces to an unmanaged state. I started to think about it and I believe if I do this, I won't get any alerts from the interface. Not sure this is completely what I want, I would love to see if there were a high number of errors on the interface or anything like that without getting the huge list of Interface OperationallyDown messages.

Am I pursuing this the correct way? If there is a better way, what is it?

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM OperationallyDown - Bulk UnManage Interfaces

Bulk unmanage will fully unmanage the objects. Therefore, you will not get ANY events for those interfaces.

There is no way you can just disable OperationallyDown events. However, if you go to these various devices, and shutdown those interfaces:

interface Fa1/1


Then the events will stop.

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