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DFM reports Blade Switch FAN problem

Previous to last update we received DFM messages about Blade Switch Power Problems. Seems to be fixed in current DFM, but now we keep getting FAN problems on Blade Switches. Nothing in Blade logs and environments look fine. Any ideas on what I can do to resolve these false alerts?

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM reports Blade Switch FAN problem

More information is required to understand why the false alerts are coming in. This could be due to a bug on the device side in that it could be reporting incorrect information. The best way to see this is to setup a sniffer trace filtering on udp port 161 for two of DFM's polling intervals (by default, a polling interval is four minutes). Then inspect the trace to see what the device is reporting back to DFM.

As a temporary workaround, you can unmanage the FAN object on these switches (not ideal, but it may prevent operators from becoming desensitized to these events). This can be done under DFM > Device Management > Device Details. Just set the management state of the FAN object in question to false. Note: a sniffer trace would need to be collected before doing this.

New Member

Re: DFM reports Blade Switch FAN problem

Guess I should have added: I have multiple blades and multiple CiscoWorks. When I added the February updates to DFM it changed the failures from Power to FAN: StateNotNormal::Component=FAN-NSAU99P202;Status=CRITICAL;

Cisco Employee

Re: DFM reports Blade Switch FAN problem

My comments stand. Pick one of the offending blade switches, and target the debugging there. chances are the problem will be the same for all. This really sounds like SNMP is reporting the wrong fan state.


Re: DFM reports Blade Switch FAN problem

I agree with Mr Clarke. There are a couple of product lines that have some faulty code (namely the 4700 and 4510 series) that incorrectly report fan problems quite regularly.

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