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does cisco 877 allow LAN connect to the router for management on default setting?

i just purchased a cisco 877 on ebay, when i got the router,, i connect to the LAN port,, but didn't get any ip from the router,, then i tried to hard-reset the router by press and hold the reset button on the back for a long time, but nothting happen, not sure if it reseted to the factory setting or not..then i try to connect to lan port again, still not getting an ip,, okay, then i try to manually config the ip to tried, 192.168.0-1.5) and try to connect to the router,, but still no luck, try to ping the router, no luck too, i tred to contact the seller,, he just said, the router is working for sure.. i must need an aux cable to program the router, LAN interface can't program the router, he doesn't want to refund my money,, i don't think that is true... does anyone know for sure cisco 877 allow LAN management on default settings???? thank you!!

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does cisco 877 allow LAN connect to the router for management on

You tried to conenct to the router at its address after resttting? If that didn't work, get yourself a console cable. (Aux is for modems) You'll need either a PC with serial port or a USB-serial converter. (I use this one.) That's the price of entry to sit at the random router configuration table.

Once you have that, fire up the router and reset the password during bootup.

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