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draw wan link in topology


we have 2 routers connected via mpls link provided by our isp

when we make sho cdp neighbor, each router cannot see the other. i understand this is normal.

is it possible to let each router sees the other one as a neighbor?

i think if we can do this, so in cw lms / topology services, we will obtain one link  between both routers. and the map will be more meaningful. isn't it?

Cisco Employee

Re: draw wan link in topology

Campus, at this time, still requires CDP/ILMI/ELMI to draw interconnections.  In an MPLS environment, CDP just isn't there, so you will not see the links.


Re: draw wan link in topology

hi joe

i configured one ip/gre tunnel between both routers, then i added the command cdp enable under interface tunnel0

the results:

- i got cdp running between both routers

- the wan link was drawn in network topology  ;-)

Cisco Employee

Re: draw wan link in topology

Good.  Many customers using MPLS cannot enable CDP, and thus Campus typically does not work in an MPLS environment.  However, it should be pointed out that there is nothing magic in what Campus Manager does.  As long as CDP, ILMI, or ELMI can be negotiated between two peers, and those peers are both managed by Campus, then a link can be drawn between the two of them.


Re: draw wan link in topology

Hi Joe

the tunnel link speed is shown 100K in network topology!

i tried to change it using bandwidth command under interface tunnel0 but nothing has changed.

how CM determines the link speed? and could it be changed?

Cisco Employee

Re: draw wan link in topology

CM uses ifSpeed to get this.  Yes, it should be dictated by the bandwidth command, but you would need to do another Campus Data Collection after changing the bandwidth.

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