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Drop-down to select Switch and then Interface to apply Templates

With Prime Infrastructure, is it possible to make a template that allows you to choose the switch, then the interface, and then apply a template? So far the best I've come up with is to deploy a template where I have to select a switch first, then in my fields I have defined I can manually type in the interface name and other info and apply the template. It works, but it would be far quicker/smoother to have a drop down for the switch and then a drop down with all the available interfaces.

I thinking about this less from my position and more from the perspective of a less-educated admin. I can go into a switch via cli and very quickly make the changes, but the day-to-day admin who doesn't do Cisco full-time would be slow to make these changes. A web page with simple drop downs would make it far easier.

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This makes it a very good

This makes it a very good enhancement feature, but unfortunately isn't an option currently in PI.



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 In an ideal world you would


In an ideal world you would have a dynamic group of for example voice ports, that collects the ports where it detects an IP phone connected.

You would then apply your template to a group.

LMS was not too far from having that working as it should.



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