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duplicate ip address caused by ACE active/standby setup.


      I am using LMS 4.0.1 to monitor the data center network devices. I have two core switches, each core switch has an ACE module installed on it. I have configured many virtual context on each ACE module, and these ACE contexts are acting as primary and standby roles. The problem i faced with is LMS reports the virtual ip address configured on each ace context as duplicate ip address, and i didn't know how to deal with it. As to my understanding, this should be the normal behavior due to my setup, but how can i remove this alarm on LMS 4.0.1?

     It would be very appreciated if someone could help on this, thanks in advance.

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Ricky lu.

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duplicate ip address caused by ACE active/standby setup.

I've seen the same thing myself. I couldn't see a way to delete the alarm permanently, only acknowledge (or ignore) it.

It might be worth reporting to the TAC or your account manager as a feature request for LMS to not alarm on such setups.

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