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Duplicate IPs and MAC reported by Usertracking in CM??


I have a lot of duplicate IPs and MAC addresses reported by the UserTracking of CM. I must add here that i am not responsible for the systems side of this network and others do Active Directory and helpdesk, etc. and I am only responsible for the Network Infrastructure only.

I have cleared the arp on all my switches but helped a little.

is ther anything else i can do to adderess this issue?

is LMS is reporting all of these duplicate IPs and MACs correctly? I appreciate any feedback on this issue.




Re: Duplicate IPs and MAC reported by Usertracking in CM??

In the UT table, there is a column that displays the timestamp it was last seen. Old entries on the UT table are not deleted automatically. For example a workstation is transferred from one port to another. This will then give 2 entries on the UT table. This can practically stay that way unless manually corrected or deleted. You can find out which entry is the old one and which is

the new one by looking at the LastSeen field. (The LastSeen field is only supported in CM 3.1. Results are unpredictable in versions earlier than release.

A. We can remove old entries from the UT database manually or configure User Tracking to delete old entries automatically:

a. UserTracker> Edit> Preferences> Delete

b. Select a timeout value

c. Click the "Delete now" button (manual) --or-- Enable the "Delete after every discovery" option (automatic)

You can also identify the incorrect listing, highlight the number in the User Tracking table, go to Edit> Delete Selected Rows

B. We can also clear the entire User Tracking table.

C:\>cd C:\Progra~1\CSCOpx\campus\bin

C:\>perl -ut <<

And then do a new User Tracking discovery at User Tracking > Actions > Discover All.

Also try to change the UTIPChange entry (from 0 to 1) in Do this by

first stopping the daemons and then start the daemons after the change.

a. Stop Daemon Manager

C:\>net stop crmdmgtd

b. Edit the UTIPChange entry in the


c. Start the Daemon Manager

C:\>net start crmdmgtd

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Re: Duplicate IPs and MAC reported by Usertracking in CM??

Thanks Buddy,

I was not informed about your response when it was posted and today I saw it by accident as I am still trying to resolve this issue.

I am going to try your solution and will get back to you. I am sorry for not replying sooner as explained, i was not notified by the system!



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