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Dynamic config jobs in LMS4.x


I am looking for a way to deploy dynamic generated config based on a group of devices - the config is  simple - like the example below:


int fa0/0.200

encapsulation dot1Q 200

ip address 10.200.x.y

router bgp AS

network 10.200.x.y mask

ip prefix-list Name permit 10.200.x.z/29


The variables are:

1.the interface - could be fa0/0 or fa0/1 or vlan200 - I have them on a list.

2."x",y,z from ip address is  different - is based on an internal location code. All the ip address  are generated for every device based on a list.

3. AS is different from each location - i have them in a list

I need to  deploy this config on more than 250 devices. Is there any way I can make  LMS read some input file to generate config or load some script/excel and then deploy the exact  generated config to the right device?.... generate 250 exact deploy-config jobs?... or something similar....

Thank you very much for any ideas

Best regards,

Bogdan Laslo

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