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Dynamic DNS Registration for Routers

Is there a way I can setup routers, switches, and cisco devices to register their hostnames in our Windows 2003 DNS servers? I would like to be able to get name resolution in CiscoWorks for these devices without having to manually enter all their names in DNS. Is there a way to configure a router, switch, etc to register its hostname automatically?


Re: Dynamic DNS Registration for Routers

The ios cannot do ddns updates since there no functionality like that , You can make the ios run a dhcp client to get an ip but it won't register in dns


Re: Dynamic DNS Registration for Routers

If you look around a bit in campus you will find that campus "knows" the "system" names, the name behind the hostname command on the device.

By selecting the text from the lists in campus you can easily create a hostfile that you either import in the DNSor place on the ciscoworks server.

But yes it remains manual. No way to do this automatic




Re: Dynamic DNS Registration for Routers

Well, ios does have support for dynamic DNS:

Now if you can get your W2K3 DNS server to behave like one of the DDNS serves ...


Re: Dynamic DNS Registration for Routers

IOS does support DDNS, but after a few (failed) attempts and some further research, I believe that the router will send out DDNS updates -only- for clients that it services via its DHCP pool. It doesn't seem like you can register the router itself to a ddns server, which is what the original poster (as well as myself) are interested in.

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