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E-mail Alert displaying IP instead of device name


I've been scratching my head with this one and would be grateful if someone can help The issue is only happening with some devices and not all!

The alert reads:

EVENT ID                = 0001NHE

TIME                    = Thu 09-Feb-2012 10:38:28 GMT

STATUS                  = Active

SEVERITY                = Critical

MANAGED OBJECT          = 10.181.x.x (changed digits to x)

MANAGED OBJECT TYPE     = Switches and Hubs

EVENT DESCRIPTION       = HighUtilization::Component=PORT- [Fa1/0/1] [## 10Mbps LES Connection to NAH-CR2-4507 ##];ComponentClass=Port;ComponentEventCode=1057;TrafficRate=881497.4  BYPS;DuplexMode=FULLDUPLEX;UtilizationThreshold=65;MaxSpeed=10000000;Type=ETH


For other devices, they do show as their actual device names, but some only show an IP address. This is frustrating because we don't know the IP address of our >400 switched of the top of our heads, and if we are on-cal at home, this makes our lives hard to dig through documentation to see which device this is.

DNS for these devices was not configured when installing LMS4.0, however, all these devices have been added to DNS and are pingable, yet it's still not showing the device name in Managed Object type.

Can someone please help/advice?

many thanks,



E-mail Alert displaying IP instead of device name

the Fault Monitoring part in LMs 4.x is still under the control of DFM and DFM is very special with this. If name resolution is not working for a device at the time it is added to fault monitoring, it will be added by its IP address. And this will never change until eternity or - until you remove and readd the device in LMS.

With LMs 4.x it is not possible to just remove a device from fault mangement so you have to remove it from DCR:

Inventory > Device Mangement > Add,Import Mange Device

It is added to LMS again with the next discovery cyle;

Make a test with one device and see if it helps ( for sure, first double check the name resolution)

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