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E1 channels problem

Hi all ,

I have E1 line & ATM technology in my call center setup.I know that E1 has 32 channels & its BW is 2.048 Mb but my problem is my output after ATM is 1724 Kbps & i want to know that how this 1724 comes , what is the calculation for this 1724 Kbps. (Is there any thing like compression)

Come ON guys...awaiting for your valuable reply.


Re: E1 channels problem

The E1 interface operates at 2.048 Mbps over coax cables.

The E1 transmission link consists of 32 transmission channels (0-31), each of which is 64 Kbits/sec. The overall transmission rate is 2.048 Mbits/sec. Channels 0 and 16 are reserved for transmission management, while all other channels are used for payload. The payload bandwidth is thus 1.920 Mbits/sec. Since ATM uses 48 out of the possible 53 bytes for payload transmission, the net transmission rate becomes 1.738 Mbits/sec.

Channel 0 carries F3-OAM information, signals loss of frame or synchronization, and is responsible for transferring FERF and LOC messages. Channel 16 is reserved for signalling.

Re: E1 channels problem


This is simply because ATM uses Cells, the cell is 53bytes, with 48 payload and 5 header, accordingly the net payload or throughput from the E1 is 48 bytes of every 53 bytes, if you do the math you'll find that it gets out around 1.7 mbps.

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Mohammed Mahmoud.

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Re: E1 channels problem

Hi mohammedmahmoud ,

Really Thanks for this , it comes 48*53=2544+5=2549 that means 2.048Mb

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