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EEM Unsupported bytecode version.

I receive the following error when I try and register a policy compiled in TCL Dev Kit. Is there a specific bytecode version that EEM supports. Running IOS 124-20.T on a 2811. The TCL version of the script runs correctly.

Register event failed:unsupported bytecode version: 2

while executing

"tbcload::bceval {

TclPro ByteCode 2 0 1.6 8.5

28 0 337 64 1 0 136 1 9 28 32 -1 -1



Embedded Event Manager configuration: failed to retrieve intermediate registration result for policy GWilliamsVC.tbc

Cisco Employee

Re: EEM Unsupported bytecode version.

It looks like you may be using a newer version of TclPro than what we support. We only support bytecode version 0. I believe TclPro 1.2 is needed to generate this version.

Cisco Employee

Re: EEM Unsupported bytecode version.

I got some clarification. We have tested TclPro 1.5 on SuSE Linux and 1.4.1 on SPARC Solaris. I did not see a way of changing the bytecode version in the user guide, but perhaps I overlooked something. In any event, the code must be in version 0.

Cisco Employee

Re: EEM Unsupported bytecode version.

I misread the code. We do support bytecode version 1 in IOS. This assumes Tcl version 8.3. If you have built TclPro against Tcl 8.4, then it will use bytecode version 2, and this won't work in IOS.

I downloaded 1.5 for FreeBSD, and compiled some scripts. It compiled them for version 1, and IOS runs them just fine. If you are building from source, make sure you are using Tcl 8.3.

Cisco Employee

Re: EEM Unsupported bytecode version.

In the case of Tcl Dev Kit v4, it uses Tcl 8.4, so you will either have to find an option to generate bytecode version 1, or convert to using the Open Source TclPro 1.5.

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