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New Member

EEM with RIP

hi ppl,

I dont know if anyone could help me out.

I have one problem .

Im receiving RIP in a ETH and want anything that start a trigger when i lost RIP but with the interface UP/UP.

I im receiving only a summarized network from that ethernet, any tip?

Using an EMM event i can to the trick?


Hugo Béjinha

Cisco Employee

Re: EEM with RIP

EEM can't actually look at the incoming packets on the network, but it can look at syslog messages, and it can process CLI commands. I assume when you lose your routing update, the route goes away in "show ip route". If that is the case, you can create an EEM Tcl policy to run periodically, scan the route table, and perform actions when your summarized route disappears. What version of IOS is running on this router? What does a healthy routing table look like?

New Member

Re: EEM with RIP


i could make a command "show ip route rip | 1/5"

and with this i will receive only the rip from the interface ethernet 1/5

like this

show ip route rip | i 1/5

R [120/2] via, 00:00:11, Ethernet1/5

the router is a 7200 with this ios c7200-is56i-mz.121-23.E2.bin

with this ios im very limited but i will try to upgrade it.

i will investigate how i could this with EMM Tcl policy

Cisco Employee

Re: EEM with RIP

Sorry, with this version of IOS, you do not have EEM. You will need at least 12.3(14)T running on this router to be able to monitor this route with EEM.

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