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Email notification requirments

Hi guy;

to send a mail notification from cisco works does it discovers automatically the local mail server in the network.

and also if their is no local mail server and cisco works is connected to the internet can it sends mail through the internet.i mean is cisco works act as a mail server.


Re: Email notification requirments

No, CiscoWorks does not discover the mailserver nor does it act as a mailserver.

You have to define the SMTP server you want to use inside the application.

If you install a mailserver on the same hardware as CiscoWorks you should be able to use this one out from CiscoWorks; but be careful that your server can still do its management tasks instead of deploying spam....

Cisco Employee

Re: Email notification requirments

You need to enter the mail server (local smtp server) in the GUI

LMS 2.5.x:

Common Services - Server - Admin - System Preferences

LMS 2.6:

LMS Setup Center

New Member

Re: Email notification requirments

thanks guys for ur reply ,,

i am thinking about how cisco works sends mail...does it make telnet to the SMTP sever and then starts to send mail using SMTP command e.g HELO ,

MAIL FROM:<USER@DOMAIN.COM>...etc or what ..?

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