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Embedded Event Manager - SNMP - run TCL script

I would like to run a tcl script on a router using snmp. I understand Embedded Event Manager can do this but haven't found what I need to run that.  Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Embedded Event Manager - SNMP - run TCL script

Yeah, you could do this, but it depends on your version of IOS.  You will need EEM 3.1 or higher (15.0) to be able to intercept SNMP GET requests.  Then, you could do something like:

event manager applet snmp-trigger

event snmp-object oid type gauge sync yes istable no

action 1.0 policy my_tcl_policy.tcl

action 2.0 snmp-object-value event-id _event_id gauge 0 next-oid

action 3.0 exit 1


snmp-server manager

Then, when you query on the device, the Tcl policy "my_tcl_policy.tcl" should execute, and the snmp-trigger applet policy will return a value of 0.


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Re: Embedded Event Manager - SNMP - run TCL script

ok thank you i'll give it a try

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