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End Host Report


We're using LMS3.2 and have a requirement to email a list of all hosts to our customer each day.

Campus Manager can obviously create the report, however, I can't find a way to attach the report to an email to the customer.Ideally I'd prefer not to give the customer access to our LMS.

Is there another way to acheive this?

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End Host Report

I'm not positive (been a while since I've used it) but I believe in LMS 3.2 you have to run and export the report and then generate an email and attach the report output manually. See this reference.

If you have a report job setup and run daily, it would be a relatively simple script to have an automated e-mail setup (on some other host) as a cron job that sends out a daily email with an attached file that is pulled from the target directory of your report job.

Another alternative using LMS 3.2 is to automate the data extract using the DEE function. Reference this link.

Current versions (e.g., Cisco Prime LMS 4.1) have the feature of being able to send a report job out as an e-mail attachment. See, for instance, this FAQ.

Hope this helps.

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Re: End Host Report

Thanks, the DDE functions looks like it may do what I need.

I forgot to mention though that our LMS3.2 is Windows based. The command reference looks like it's for Solaris. Is there a Windows alternative?

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Re: End Host Report

The DEE utility is available on both Windows and Solaris installations. The syntax is the same, only the directories where the binaries and outputs reside are different.

e.g., as noted earlier in the document whose link I posted above:

"where PX_DATADIR is either %NMSROOT%/files folder (on Windows) or /var/adm/CSCOpx/files directory (on Solaris).

NMSROOT is the directory where you installed Campus Manager"

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