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End-To-End Bandwidth

I have a carrier supporting carrier topology.


Am doing policing by police command to customer "A"on core egress,,towards ISP.I want to verify that is it really police command effective on my 6500 switch.i want to measure the real bandwith allocated to A How can i do it.

I have a QPM 4.0.can QPM will help me to measure the policing for customer A???????



Re: End-To-End Bandwidth

Empirically speaking, QPM -> Monitor -> Real Time Status -> select Real Time Charts -> [Policy] Actions Graphs, which will plot the following policing traffic amounts pertinent to the policy:

"-Conformed-Traffic conformed to rate limit.

This data is obtained from the cbQosPoliceConformedPkt and cbQosPoliceConformedByte MIB variables.

-Exceeded-Traffic exceeded rate limit.

This data is obtained from the cbQosPoliceExceededPkt and cbQosPoliceExceededByte MIB variables.

-Violated-Traffic violated rate limit.

This data is obtained from the cbQosPoliceViolatedPkt and cbQosPoliceViolatedByte MIB variables."

Put those together with your knowledge of the allocated bandwidth for that particular policy, it should yield the picture of how well your policing actions are working.

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Re: End-To-End Bandwidth


I have running LMS 3.0.1 with common services 3.1.1 with already devices discovered,I have seen the installation guide for QPM 4.0 on below link.

I didn't found any information regarding integration of 3.1.1 common services means i want to pull the discovered devices from common services 3.1.1 to QPM.what i have seen is common services 3.0.5.

Does common services 3.1.1 can be integrate with QPM 4.0 ??????? or only 3.0.5 will work.


Re: End-To-End Bandwidth

Not sure which version of QPM 4.0.x (it's up to 4.0.3 now) has CS 3.1.1. If you're willing to upgrade, LMS 3.1 and QPM 4.1 both have CS 3.2.

Nonetheless, looks like someone pulled off integrating QPM 4.0 (CS 3.0.5) with LMS 3.0.1 (CS 3.1.1), though not completely, and on separate boxes:

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