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[Error] Software Repository Synchronization

I was trying to add images to the software repository synchronization and received the following error.

Common Services: 3.1.0

CM: 5.0.1

LMS Portal: 1.0.0

RME: 4.1.0

SWIM_MSG0038: SWIM0090: Internal Error while fetching image information from

This may be caused by a runtime error. Contact TAC with required debug logs.

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Re: [Error] Software Repository Synchronization

Not a lot to go on here without the logs, or the workflow you used. Check to make sure that your server has a working connection to, and you have entered valid credentials.

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Re: [Error] Software Repository Synchronization

I am trying to do this for a 6509/sup720 and a 3750. The 3750 has about 31mb of flash free and the image I am trying to select only requires 16mb.

The 6509 only has 488mb free and the image requires 512mb.

As a result, on the "View Cart Images" (step 4) screen, the 3750 shows as "Pass" where the 6509 shows as "Fail".

If I select the option to download both, then I get this error. If I select just the 3750, then I can proceed on to step 5.

Can you help me understand the purpose of the software repository module? I thought the software repository module would download the updated images and store them for deployment. If I go ahead and schedule the job, is the software repository module going to update the image on the device I selected or is it just going to add that particular image to the database for use at a later time?

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Re: [Error] Software Repository Synchronization

The problem with the fail is most likely due to SWIM bug CSCsu49349. This bug will be fixed in RME 4.3. However, if you choose to download anyway, then that should work. Again, without the log, I cannot say exactly what the problem was.

When you download an image into the software repository, that image is available locally for later deployment. The actual device is never touched when adding an image to the repository (unless you choose to add the image from a network device).

The alternative to adding the image to the repository before hand, is to enable recommendations under RME > Admin > Software Mgmt > View/Edit Preferences. This way, when you start a deployment job, you will be given a recommendation based on the images currently on During the job, the image will be downloaded from on the fly. This, of course, takes more time, so it may be preferable to download and store the image before hand.

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