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New Member

Excluding devices from RME Config Archive

I have several devices in my network that are managed by external vendors. The vendors have been kind enough to provide us with an SNMP RO string so we can pull info from the devices.

Problem is that the devices show up as unreachable because we can not telnet to them when the config archive runs. The devices show in the RME Collection Status under the Failed to Collect heading.

Is there a way to tell the config archive job to ignore these devices?

We are using RME 4.1.1

Cisco Employee

Re: Excluding devices from RME Config Archive

You can mark them as Suspended. RME will not perform any management operations on them if they are in that state. Alternatively, you can remove them from DCR, and add them to the DCR Exclude list to prevent them from returning.

New Member

Re: Excluding devices from RME Config Archive

If I suspend the devices (or exclude them), will this not also stop the inventory polling??

What I'm after is to get the inventory, but not the configs.

Is this possible?

Cisco Employee

Re: Excluding devices from RME Config Archive

To do that, you would need to disable the system config polling and collection jobs, then schedule a Sync Archive job to only run on the devices for which you want configs archived.

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