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Export or Convert CAR 4.0 Database

Hi All,

We currently have CAR 4.0 implemented with local database. Since the number of users is constantly growing, we were wondering if there is any ?easy? way to migrate into an SQL database solution (Oracle or MySQL)

a) Is there any other tool for converting it into SQL (Oracle)?

b) Is there any tool for exporting the CAR 4.0 local database into an XML or Comma delimited format?


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Re: Export or Convert CAR 4.0 Database

The CAR database stores CDRs and CMRs that serve as the basic information. Because this involves modifying the database, use the SQL user CiscoCCMCDR and SQL Manager for MySQL works with any MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.06

If you want to know more please click following URLs:

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Re: Export or Convert CAR 4.0 Database

What you are descriping is for Call manager.... What about Cisco Access Registrar 4.0?

The local database has 3 files....


mcddb.d01, mcddb.d02, mcddb.d03

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Re: Export or Convert CAR 4.0 Database

Not sure if this helps:

/cisco-ar/usrbin/mcdadmin: [-c] -d {dbdirname|DEFAULT} -[r|R] DBPATH -p

DBPATH -i importfile -e exportfile [-z C=N]


-c attempts to create database

-o when creating, overwrite pre-existing database

-T recopy database templates when creating database

-t DIR specifies directory from which to get database templates

-d DBNAME specifies the database name, or "DEFAULT"

-N NAME specifies username (will prompt if not given)

-P PASSWORD specifies password (will prompt if not given)

-s supplies default name and password

-i IMPORTFILE specifies file to import from. ("-" for stdin)

-l don't hold exclusive lock while importing (slower, but


-e EXPORTFILE specifies file to export to. ("-" for stdout)

-f EXPORTFILE exports diffable file (not importable) to export

to. ("-" for stdout)

-a DBAREA specifies the "area" of the database to use

("config", "state", "altconfig", or "altstate",

defaults to "config"

-p DBPATH specifies (on export only) what to export

-r DBPATH specifies something to remove ("trims" table)

-R DBPATH removes recursively! (or "clobbers" table)

The use of DBPATH in -p, -r, and -R is as follows: either

it is an absolute pathname, starting with '/', in which

case it refers to that part of the MCD tree, or it is a

"server zone name" tuple, starting with ':'. The names


the ':' are whitespace separated, and the name or zone and

name may be left unspecified. example: -p "myserv azone


-G GENERATION specifies generation number for RR table export

-H says full table generational history should be dumped

-k kill the lockmgr, do nothing else

-z CCC=N sets debugging classes CCC to level N

-v, -V prints version information

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Re: Export or Convert CAR 4.0 Database

OK, seems helpful enough.....

Do you have any syntax example? I do not want to mess up with my existing database .... :-(

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