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failed jobs


We created an immediate job but it fails several times. We already checked the credential that LMS has and it is the same with what the device has. Also I have checked the connection of the device to the LMS and it is connected. I checkd the snmp server host which was configured in the device and it is not reachable. Is it because of the snmp server host? The devices were discovered successfully. It is only the jobs that are failing, particularly, sync archive.

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Re: failed jobs

What is your transport protocol order for Archive Mgmt?

Can you manually do an snmpwalk on the device from LMS using the credentials stored in the DCR?

What error message are you getting on failure?

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Re: failed jobs

I'm using telnet. Right now I cannot do an snmp walk because im not on site. It displays a failed job and when I checked the detailed message, there is an error on the username and passwords used. But I already checked the username and passwords and it matched with the device. Also, During my testing, I found a failed job but when I investigated further the actual status is parially succesful. What does this mean?

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