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failing to get configs in LMS 2.6

My remote site customer is running LMS 2.6 on a Solaris 9 system, and consistently has problems getting configurations for certain devices. To debug the problem they watched the traffic for a device that they received a good config file and the traffic for a device that they couldn't get a config file. In both cases it looked like they got a good config for both devices, but in the case where they actually got a good configuration they saw the configuration come across 7 times in one case and 19 times in another. The device that failed only saw the config 1 time.

So why would CW require the config to come across multiple times in order to get a good config?

Cisco Employee

Re: failing to get configs in LMS 2.6

It doesn't. RME will only fetch the config once per fetch operation. Depending on what has been configured, it may fetch the running and startup configs in the same job.

To troubleshoot this, you would need to enable ArchiveMgmt Service debugging under RME > Admin > System Preferences > Loglevel Settings, then run a fetch job for one failing device. The dcmaservice.log will have the errors.

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