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Finding unused POE ports

This seems like a pretty simple query for Campus User tracking but I don't see a way to do this.  I would think you would do a custom report but how do I query if a port is POE capable?

On a side note, is there a list somewhere that has all the possible "patterns" for each Column in Custom Reports?  Seems to me the pattern should be a drop down box.  By making it a fill in the blank if you don't know or don't get that pattern name 100% right you won't get any results.


Cisco Employee

Re: Finding unused POE ports

There is actually not a simple way to do this.  But it can be done.  You will first need to create a custom group to hold all PoE capable devices.  The only reliable way to create this group is manually, though.  Once you have the group created, you can run the User Tracking Switch Port Reclaim reports on the group to find the free ports.  The good news is that LMS 4.0 should allow one to do this in a much simpler fashion.

As for UT column values, most are free-form, and have no set value.  The only one that is not is Status, and it does have a pull-down which lets you choose between Active and Inactive.

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