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New Member

Force Campus to use SNMP V1

Is there a way to force SNMP v1 on Campus for User Tracking if RME has both Version 1 and Version 3 configured?

Seems Campus defaults to Version 3 in this case and I can't get User Tracking to work with V3, only V1.

Cisco Employee

Re: Force Campus to use SNMP V1

If a device has v3 credentials in DCR, then Campus will only use v3 for that device. If you specify a duplicate ranges, one with v3 and one with v1/v2c, Campus will opt for the v3 credentials. You can, however, have one range for v1/v2c and one for v3.

New Member

Re: Force Campus to use SNMP V1

Specifying ranges seems to only be for discovery, not devices already in DCR.

Anyway, since the problem is really the lack of a Version 2 Bridge-MIB on most IOS, is there a way for force Campus to use Version 1 mibs?

Surely someone thought of user tracking before putting SNMP V3 support into Ciscoworks???

Cisco Employee

Re: Force Campus to use SNMP V1

Data Collection has its own set of ranges you can configure, but this is simply for filtering which DCR devices to manage.

No, there is no way to force Campus to use v1/v2c over v3 if v3 credentials are configured. The problem with the BRIDGE-MIB is not due to lack of support, but rather with lack of SNMP context support. Most IOS switches now have this support (e.g. 3550, 3560, 2960, etc. need to be running 12.2(25)SEE or higher).

The most notable exceptions with regard to SNMP context support are the 2950 and XL series switches. These switches will never have context support since they cannot run 12.2 code.

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