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FTP Config Backup

I have a need to backup and track changes of all my Cisco switch configs. I want this process to be automated and also use ftp not tftp. Does anyone know how to go about doing this. I have searched high and low and cannot find anything about this.

To be clear I want to be able to have a config change trigger and config backup to a ftp site.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Cisco Employee

Re: FTP Config Backup

You could use the Embedded Event Manager to do this. See;jsessionid=6CDA9E97CE82ABCB436A3704BE453FEA.SJ5B?page=eem&fn=script&scriptId=346 for an example config backup policy. You could adapt this to your needs.

New Member

Re: FTP Config Backup

I am totally new to EEM but as far as I can tell... this is some network management awesomeness for sure.

I would like to set a different filename for a config backup. Basically, I want to use "$hostname.$date.rconfig.txt" for each device. I want to write one EEM policy and deploy it on all my IOS devices (+500 routers & switches). I would then use ftp and copy running-config to a remote ftp server when a syslog event for config is detected.

Is Tcl and EEM capable of setting variable environment variables such as current date? This is rather trivial in Perl or other scripting languages. Of course all my devices are synch to ntp. I am not concerned with timezone or the exact format of the date. I would prefer YMMDD (eg. 90116 for 16-Jan-2009) if I could do it.

This would be perfect for me. This would allow me to archive configurations with unique filenames on my ftp server. I don't want to get too fancy with perl on my ftp server as if I were to get too complex with Perl then I would just use Perl to snmp or ssh and manually copy the config back.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Cisco Employee

Re: FTP Config Backup

Please start a new thread for your question.

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