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Get connected IPs via SNMP

Hi there, can someone tell me the OIDs needde to obtain a list of connected IP addresses and which port they are connected to? I understand that a list will appear for one port if that port itself is connected to another switch?


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These procedures have been

These procedures have been asked before in forum. Please use these links as reference which has information you're looking for :



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Thanks Vinod. I've found lots

Thanks Vinod. I've found lots of people asking for the IP address connected to each interface but, like the links above, the answers always come back with the IP address OF the interface (i.e. VLAN gateway address) but I need to show a list of IPs AND which interface they can be found on, wheather directly connected or connected via another switch(s). I need to build a network map of what's connected to what, just like the rather expensive What's Up Gold does.

If I walk the OID it seems to get close, but I think the indexes still refer to the VLAN id as opposed to the switchport id?

Thanks for the help ;)

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