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getting User Tracking working??


I have installed the ULITE.bat and .exe as instructed by CiscoWorks LMS but I am not getting anthing back as far as users username. LMS is on a Windows 2000 server.

My guess is that port 16236 suggested by the script is not listening as i cannot telnet to tthat port using DOS prompt. I don't see 16236 being listed when I execute command at DOS prompt "netstat -a -n", I don't 16236 there?

I don't know how and what command to use to have this port open in DOS?

Can you help please?




Re: getting User Tracking working??

Windows clients Before ANI can discover the user account that is logged into the Windows client, you need to configure and run the UTLiteNT.bat on the client machine. This script installs and runs the UTLite.exe executable. When UTLite.exe is running, it sends a UDP packet to the ANI server every 10 minutes telling ANI who is logged into the host. The UTLite.exe does not get installed as a service. You need to set up the UTLiteNT.bat as part of the logon script to make sure every user has this executable running. By default, UTLite.exe uses port 16236 on the CiscoWorks2000 server. If this port is already used by another process, you need to change the port in both the UTLiteNT.bat script and on the CiscoWorks2000 server (Server Configuration -> Setup -> ANI Server Admin -> User and Host Acquisition -> Use port number).

The default locations for the UTLiteNT.bat script and UTLite.exe executable are: /opt/CSCOpx/bin and C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\bin Here's an example of a UTLiteNT.bat file.

The NT domain is "Cisco". The IP address of the CiscoWorks2000 server is if NOT EXIST %WINDIR%\UTLite.exe copy %0\..\UTLite.exe %WINDIR% REM REM Specify the parameters below REM start %WINDIR%\UTLite -domain Cisco -host -port 16236 Novell clients NDS hosts are collected the same way as Windows clients are. The script for Novell hosts is called UTLiteNDS.bat. Unix clients ANI uses the rusers command to collect the Unix users. The rusersd daemon has to be enabled in the /etc/initd.conf file on the Unix hosts. Here's an example: # grep rusersd inetd.conf rusersd/2-3 tli rpc/datagram_v,circuit_v wait root /usr/lib/netsvc/rusers/rpc.rusersd rpc.rusersd

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