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Ghost server from symantec

we use ghost server from symantec ver 8.2, our core switches are 6509 and 4506 switces. The access switches are 3500 xl. the core switches have multicasting enabled. wht happens is when ghost server is set for multicast it floods the network and nw freezes. we have to shut down the ghost server. so we used unicast, but ifmore then 5 to 6 sytems get the image from the server, the network freeze again. the clients are connected to 3500 xl swithches and ghost server is connected tp core switch. reading doc we understand if multicast is used then it will only one image copy sent to many clients and when unicast it will one copy each to the client. the image file is around 2 gb. To create mulicast group everything shd support igmp, but 3500 xl doesnt support where clients are connected. has anyone faced this and how did they solved

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