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Group Administration in DCR

I'm trying to setup custom groups based on either Ip Ranges or a part of the name. I have gone into Group Adminsitration and created a new group and tried to use the category ManagmentIp and put in a range. Unfortunately, it never populates any devices. I can manually add them on the next screen, but I cannot get it to auto populate.

My worry is that as we add new devices they will not auto group based on the templates.

We don't have our devices in DNS so all Display Names are IP's. Could this be the problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: Group Administration in DCR

IP range support for custom groups is only available in LMS 3.0.

DNS is not required. You can use a local hosts file if you want hostnames to show up in LMS. However, none of that will allow you to create custom groups based on IP ranges in LMS < 3.0.

As a workaround, you can use the "contains" or "startswith" operators. For example:

Device.ManagementIpAddress contains "10.1.1."

Device.ManagementIpAddress startswith "10.1."

But this will not allow you match on classless boundaries.

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