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Grouping devices in CS and CM

It is possible to group devices by ManagementIPAddress in CommonServices. But how LMS determines which address of the device would be the management one ? And the second question. In Campus Manager devices can be grouped by two attributes Subnet Mask and Subnet. Can i combine two these attributes to create grouping for devices within, for example, subnet ?

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Re: Grouping devices in CS and CM

First of all, let's delete all our User-Defined Groups then let's start from scratch. I've confirmed that we no longer have to define the User-Defined Groups per application. You can just use the one in Common Services. This is because all groups (system-defined and user-defined) in all applications (CS, CM, RME, DFM) are visible to all applications.

For example, you can create a NetConfig job in RME specifying all devices in a group belonging to Common Services. Let's say you want RME to Sync Archive the configuration of all devices belonging to a User-Defined group in Common Services, say, "GroupABC" which was defined to include all devices which has "ABC" in the DisplayName. All you have to do

is to go to Sync Archive (in RME --> Config Mgmt --> Archive Mgmt), then select the devices in CS --> User Defined Groups --> GroupABC.

Now the key here is to Defining the correct set of Rules. All of the devices in one group should have something in common which would be the basis of your grouping. For example, in the above, we have defined GroupABC to include all devices in which the DisplayName contains the string "ABC".

So, to create a group, let's do the following (for this one, we'll use the one in Common Services):

1. Go to Common Services --> Groups --> Group Admin

2. Click on Create.

3. Properties Window:

3.1. Set the Group Name (mandatory)

3.2. Leave the rest to the default values (since they're optional).

3.3. Click Next

4. Rules Window:

4.1. Specify the Variable and Value which would be the basis of the group selection.

Example: for the above GroupABC, this would be:

Object Type : :CMF:DCR:Device

Variable : DisplayName

Operator : contains

Value : ABC

4.2. Click Add Rule Expression

4.3. Repeat the above steps as necessary, further refining your devices.

4.4. Click Next

5. Membership Window: The above rule will automatically be run, placing matched devices in

the "Objects Matching Membership Criteria" box. Click Next.

6. Summary Window: click on Finish.

As you may have noticed in step 5, it is crucial that the Rules that you have defined is correct and precise. You should go over the Variables list in the Rules Window to determine if there are similarities you can use.

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