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Hardware requirements for LMS 3.0 ?

Hi all,

I have heard LMS 3.0 will be coming this year. I need to buy a new server now, because LMS 2.5 is slower and slower in my company and is no more supporting our new switches without installing plenty of patches, that I prefer to avoid.

Can anyone tell me what will be the hardware requirements for LMS 3.0 ?

- In particular, will LMS 3.0 work on a x86 32bits hardware architecture ?

- Is a x86 64bits hardware computer required ?

- What will be the minimum of memory required to have all LMS components (CM+RME+DFM+IPM+...) installed and we monitor nearly 600 devices ?

- What will be the hard disk required ?

- What will be the CPU required ?

- Will LMS 3.0 work on Windows 2003 Server Standard + Entrprise + R2 ?

Also do you have any news when LMS 3.0 will be out ?

Thanks a lot


Cisco Employee

Re: Hardware requirements for LMS 3.0 ?

For Windows, LMS 3.0 will support Intel Xeon processors (dual core), Intel Core Duo processors, Intel Pentium D Processors, Intel Pentium 4 processors with HTT, AMD Dual Core Opteron processors, AMD Athlon 64 FX processors, and AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processors.

For Solaris, LMS 3.0 will support UltraSPARC III, IIIi processors, UltraSPARC IV and IV+ processors, and UltraSPARC T1 (Niagra) processors.

LMS 3.0 will support Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 Standard and Enterprise editions as well as Solaris 9 and 10.

Depending on the number of devices managed, LMS 3.0 will require a minimum of either 2 GB, 4 GB, or 8 GB of physical RAM and a minimum of either 4 or 8 GB of swap.

The hard disk requirements are the same as LMS 2.6 for single server deployments.

For 600 devices, you will need at least 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB of swap.

LMS 3.0 is currently scheduled for late spring of this year.

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